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Welcome to CE Customz

We've been around for a while now... 

I started back in November of 2011, as a Mom of two girls, just trying to find a way to cut costs of horse showing. My girls, Nicole and Haley, both showed English, Western and did games. Any parent who has children in this sport knows the costs, and they are HUGE!  Anyway, I started with a new company, RES Equine. No one had ever heard of them. But I gave it a go. The boots were received well! People were tired of the same old thing. Soon after I began customizing them and holy buckets did that take off! I got so busy so fast, and it wasn't just that you could customize them, but they were a great boot! 

So here we are 10 years or so later and things have changed, as they always do. I am working on developing my own brand of boots, hoping to have some of the same features as the previous RES boots had, but with some of my own changes. 

I was fortunate to have the chance to work with a great company that was created by amazing people. They showed me that I could do the hard work and encouraged me. 

Now this long, short story is still unfolding so stick with us and see where we go from here.

I am still customizing Sport Boots and Bell boots and always will. We were built on ideas, imagination and a sense of humor and we will continue to grow based on that premise. 

Raelene Ward


CE Customz

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